Since the time of the Romans, there has never been a lack of witty or refined quotes describing (in a few words) the importance of Greek civilization. For Cicero, this was the place where “civilization, learning, religion, agriculture, justice, and laws were born and spread thence into every country.” The emperor Marcus Aurelius felt such an ardent passion for Greek education that people ended up calling him Graeculus (Little Greek). But it is perhaps a little known Old Comedy poet who best captured the significance of the culture that grew on the fertile plains, arid islands and rugged mountains of Greece. According to Lysippus, “If you have not seen Athens, you’re an idiot. If you have seen her and not been captivated, you’re a donkey. If you enjoy her charms and then run off, you’re a jackass.”

Notwithstanding our love for these adorable beasts of burden, Study Abroad in Greece (SAiG) believes that Lysippus’ words apply to the whole of Greece and aims to captivate and shackle you to our rich ancient, medieval and contemporary heritage by laying open the transcendent beauty of this land.

Study Abroad in Greece (SAiG) is powered by CHORUS; a non-profit organization founded in Eleusis in 2016 to build a bridge between arts, education, and society. SAiG offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to enable international students and inquisitive individuals to discover the history, culture, contemporary art scene, and scientific achievements of Greece. Our sweeping range of educational programs was created by established academics, scientists, and artists that combine pleasure and scholarly excellence to educate and entertain in equal measure. Study Abroad in Greece (SAiG) provides participants with the opportunity to discover the sublime beauty and everlasting relevance of Greek civilization and human endeavor outside their classroom.