Obama in Athens

During Barack Obama’s final overseas trip as President of the United States, his visit to Greece did not face any diplomatic hindrances. Nevertheless, he found himself faced with a community devastated by the social repercussions of a deep economic crisis. This was the subject of a very thorough analysis during his speech at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre, on November 16th, 2016. He additionally exhibited noteworthy sympathy for the Greek people, arguing that it is not of current significance to analyse the internal and external factors which lead Greece into its dire economic state.

President Obama’ speech, without teleprompter or notes, was a hymn and praise to Democracy. To democracy and demos, the state, the citizen, the municipality. Among other things, he said that it is not important who is President or Prime Minister, the most important in a democracy is the citizen.

Obama said amount others people deserve the right to choose their governments and leaders.

“Democracy can be especially complicated. Believe me. I know,” Obama said. “But it is better than the alternatives because it allows us to peacefully work through our differences and move closer to our ideals.”

He said a system where people choose their leaders is naturally self-correcting, allowing citizens opportunities to change course if a party or system isn’t working.

“It allows us to correct for mistakes, ” he said. “Any action by a president or any result of an election or any legislation that has proven flawed can be corrected through the process of democracy.”

Obama stressed that democracy will prevail amid challenges around the globe.

Barack Obama showed that he has a good knowledge of Greek culture and made a special reference to Greek “filotimo.” “I still believe there’s more of what Greeks call philotimo -love and respect and kindness for family and community and country”- @POTUS

Check his full speech in English here and watch him visiting Acropolis here.

Source: Keep Talking Greece

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